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Smart sensors can send health data from inside your body to your doctor. Sensors can be embedded in a variety of form factors. Smart pills can use wireless technology to help monitor internal reactions to medications. Ingestible technology can incorporate permanent or temporary sensors that you eat. 

Wearable sensors have the potential to be embedded into clothes or used as a tattoo-like patch that can be peeled off after use or that could be absorbed into the body are other similar steps forward in the realm of digital healthcare.

Smart sensors will be able to gather data through skin contact as well as from inside the body and transmit that information wirelessly to smartphones and remote diagnostic facilities.

#DigitalPills and other ingestible technology are the future tech of medicine. #neuroscience #virtualdata #biometrics #digitalhealth #telemedicine #smarthealthcare #telehealth #biometricdata #biometrictechnology #biometricsensor #domains #futurism #Smartmeds #Smartdrugs #digitization #virtualization #domainnames

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